Gifts for the church kitchen wait to be opened at the first ever, Kitchen Shower; and event to supply the church kitchen with much needed durable goods. (High Res)
To the Kitchen was the mantra of the night as members of the Copley Parish brought wrapped gifts to the church event. (High Res)
The kitchen because well supplied as a result of the shower as gifts of waffle irons, storage containers, and cookware filled the tables. (High Res)
Each member opened up a gift for the kitchen since the kitchen doesn't have its own hands to open up gifts. (High Res)
Judy distributes gifts to everyone who attended the shower. (High Res)
Kathy prays that she gets to open a good gift for the kitchen. (High Res)
Members of all ages got the opportunity to open up gifts for the kitchen. (High Res)
The hall was filled with a variety of gifts in all shapes, sizes and colors along with church members to unwrap them. (High Res)
Fr. Matt kicked off the Grand Unwrapping with a prayer of safe unwrapping to ward off any serious paper cuts. (High Res)
What child does not like to unwrap gifts? Regardless of what's inside (storage bins), there is just so much fun in ripping off wrapping paper. (High Res)
More young hands unwrap hand towels for the kitchen. (High Res)
Barb slowly works her way into a gift bag of goodies. (High Res)
And of course, the men do the "manly" thing and stand around, watching the activities with their hands in their pockets. (High Res)
Craig shows off one of the much needed gifts, a new double toaster. (High Res)
A variety of gifts are displayed out on the table after all of the unwrapping was completed. (High Res)
Sugar and spice and everything nice like Basil. (High Res)