Tony supports his wife by keeping a handle on the electric supply to the vacuum cleaner. (High Res)
Amanda works hard to get that dirty carpet sucked clean of dirt and dust. (High Res)
The tree goes up and the lights are strung on one of the tree Christmas trees. (High Res)
Ladies of the Altar Guild prepare the greens that will adorn the windows in the sanctuary. (High Res)
Everything is prepared for Christmas Eve services including the hymn numbers. (High Res)
Virginia selects the finest greenry that has been cut from around the church grounds. (High Res)
Care is taken by Anita to arrange the greens on each of the sanctuary windows. (High Res)
A wreath is prepped before being raised to its perch high on the organ cabinent. (High Res)
Craig prepares the banner before hanging it in the Narthex. (High Res)
Stephen clowns around with a swig of holly. He is a terrible decorator. (High Res)
Pam is busy tying bows on the Narthex Christmas tree. (High Res)
A statue of Jesus holds a branch of holly in the Narthex.
Dani uses great care in adding bows to the Narthex Christmas tree. (High Res)