Winter Daisies adorned the tables during the Winterfest celbration of a hot meal and music. (High Res)
People socialize while gathering for a good meal with friends while others were glued to the Ravens / Patriots playoff game. (High Res)
Everyone works through the food line of delicious hot foods on a cold winter evening in the teens. (High Res)
Good food, good company and good music made the perfect combination for an great event. (High Res)
Fr. Matthew takes time to welcome everyone to the Winterfest celbration. (High Res)
Fr. Matthew takes time to reads a passage from T. S. Elliot before the music began. (High Res)
The captivating music of pipes, piano and voice filled the church. (High Res)
For the fourth year in a row, music of the Highland pipes filled the church. (High Res)
Nancy and her daughter sang beautiful duets as a part of the evening's celebrations. (High Res)