Fr Matt leads the evening off with a blessing of the food and the bingo balls. (High Res)
A delicious meal of spaghetti is enjoyed by all with a secret sauce donated by Pizza John's. (High Res)
People get their dinner at the buffet line. Nothing like carbo loading for an intense night of bingo. (High Res)
An evening of good gaming is toasted by Ken and Beverly. Ken will not win, but he will go on to lead winners to Bingo heaven! (High Res)
Matt holds a serious discussion on how the Bingo ball should be held when reading the number to the players. (High Res)
BINGO lights up the night as everyone prepares to try their luck against a set of 72 numbered ping pong balls. (High Res)
Ken is all smiles before he goes on to lose his voice calling the Bingo game as part of the night's entertainment. (High Res)
Numbers are scanned across multiple to cards to see if their could actually be a winner in the bunch. (High Res)
The competition was so still that the tension could be cut with a butter knife. (High Res)
Ken goes about his duties calling numbers for the first game of the night. (High Res)
One of the younger players has a sick card that seems to be breaking out with spots. (High Res)